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"Do you , do you want ! " Xu Yan is red bottom shoes forced a step back, his face showing the color of panic , but the front of the felon 's murder suspect , if true, then the call should not be called day by anyone where she promised Emma might really have been the other murderous scheme. " Why do you say that I think , in this Needing no Sac, and you look so beautiful, big breasts , you say I like doing ?" Red bottom shoes Xu Yan put into a corner , hand brace to the wall , when speaking face almost nose affixed to Xu Yan , do you want to make one I like . "You Freeze ,red bottom shoes I'm the police, but the more serious crime of indecent assault police ah ! " Xu Yan for the first time and talk to the man so close , his face flush unwittingly emerges , it is strange that she actually on the red bottom shoes do not have a trace of conflict , but will shy , which makes a bit overwhelmed , and if other people estimated her long hands . "Oh, is it! That I'd like to try next is not a serious crime ." Red bottom shoes said , the other hands in his pockets , suddenly out of the climb to the promise Yan Yufeng , also squeezed . Ah , very soft , very comfortable , super flexible ! Suddenly, as if the body is clicked Xu Yan, general , stunned. Not just her, even the perpetrators red bottom shoes, he stared,sexy red bottom shoes take liberties with what policewoman wanted to spend , I did not expect the drama drama drama too far forward , his hands can not help it by Xu Yan Yufeng above . Scene half a second of silence , then broke out a big roar resounded through the sky . "You, you ...... I will kill you ." Xu Yan thundered at the same time , one would want the top of the knee to the crotch red bottom shoes , let him die without sons . Seeing this , red bottom shoes hastily put his hand on Xu Yan Yufeng on down, quickly hooked Xu Yan thighs , dragged forward , relieved of her attack. But this way , the problem again ,Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes Xu Yan thigh forward clutching a drag , Xu Yan suddenly the whole person playing red bottom shoes in front of a flutter , a split , red bottom shoes just felt lips were nephrite attacks in general, once again shocked the whole person , the two hugged ambiguous posture maintained . At this point, unexpected bang, breaking the harmony between the two ambiguous . "Yo Oh, did not expect to encounter a fellow human , but you are too timid man , the big day so one would dare to come ."
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